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IN PAIN? DIFFICULTY MOVING? NERVE PAIN? STRESSED OUT? RECURRING HEADACHES? These are just some of the symptoms that we correct.


Hello, my name is Don Chevalier, orthopedic massage specialist and owner of Body Solutions LLC. I have some important and exciting news for you! Many of us suffer each day with various aches and pains, some of it debilitating and some chronic. Many of us have been diagnosed with arthritis, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, scar tissue, etc. We are given medication to ease the pain and are expected to live with it!  However, most pain that we experience is caused by chronically tight muscle tissue. Local muscle pain is created allowing knots and trigger points to develop. This eventually leads to widespread discomfort, lack of mobility and even postural distortion. Common sites of pain are neck and shoulders, low back, hips, forearms, legs, feet and thumbs. Approximately 90% of all headache pain is caused by muscle dysfunction!


Here at Body Solutions LLC we offer safe and effective all-natural joint and muscle relief. Many medical professionals do not understand muscle physiology, therefore they tend to overlook it. All-natural relief IS possible without the use of drugs, endless physical therapy, injections and surgery.


Call today or simply make an appointment online. Body Solutions LLC is conveniently located in Rocky Hill. We offer discounted insurance and Medicare rates. Medication, surgery and other options may be appropriate in some cases but make it a last resort.


Allow me to help,






Don Chevalier LMT, Orthopedic Massage Specialist


Dear Don,


I just want to take a moment to thank you for the work you’re doing on my knee and the scar tissue that has developed because of the knee replacement surgery I had done November 19, 2011.Before I came to you I walked out of physical therapy determined never to return. As I mentioned my right knee was always tighter then my left and would not bend easily. So they would say they had to rip the muscle. The sound of that makes me wince even now. I allowed them to do it three times and every time it would return to the same tightness. I finally said I felt great and I was done. Every time after the muscle ripping I was in such pain I couldn't walk for the rest of the day. The pt girl took pride in being strong with my knee and I would feel defeated. I hated it.


When I met you at the cancer center through the reflexology girl. I appreciated your perspective about the muscles around my knee tightening up to protect my knee from further hurt all triggered by my mind. This made sense to me since before my surgery I had fallen on my knees and then on my right knee just before surgery.


I remember when we started, the first day after your massage I walked normal for the first time after surgery. For me this was a sign that I was in the right place. Although I am still receiving massages the pain has moved and changed intensity. I am more conscious of how my body is moving. My leg is swinging better and I can feel my hips moving now, which is new.


Although the progress seems slow I feel it needs to be as the scar tissue grows and changes.

I do feel I am getting better.


Thank you again.




Lynette Harper - Peterson


Kim   12 Jan , 2016   


Suffered with adhesive capsulitis known as frozen shoulder for a year and a half due to a flu vaccine. I had Don work on me to break through the scar tissue to restore my movement. To this day, I am pain free to my left shoulder and deltoid muscle and have full movement. Thankfully I was able to avoid surgery! Thank you Don!


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